Do You Provide Recovery Supports?

What Services Do You Provide?  What are the desired outcomes?  How are they measured?  Are you helping who you want to help?

We Can Show You How To...

Communicate Your Work Effectively

Charts, graphs and reports are all used to show your results consistently.  This can be customized so that you deliver the message you want!

Show Individual and Community Outcomes

Results at the individual level and at an aggregate level.  Normative data is created and can be used to make  comparisons

Demonstrate Recovery Capital

Assessments of Recovery Capital , Quality of Life and Sense of Community Surveys are used to measure change.  You can also include any additional surveys you want to use!

Document Peer Recovery Coaching

The application shows you how to meet a person where they are, provides you with a structure to capture results and stores this information in a manner that allows for reporting and billing.

Create Wellness Plans

Provides customizable templates that can be used to create a plan.  Once created, coaches can coach to the plan.  Charts and graphs are used to make the results manifest to the participant.

Create Effective, Targeted Reports

The application allows you to create reports with an unlimited number of filters--all created specificall for your needs.