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“Meet them where they are”:  This system makes meeting recoverees where they are possible.  Three internet-based surveys are available in English, Spanish and a number of other languages.  The Assessment of Recovery Capital (ARC) scale, a Wellness Self-Assessment and a Sense of Community survey can be administered initially and then at any point in the future.  The information gathered allows you to show the progress individuals make while in recovery.  The system will highlight the changes that occur in recoverees’ lives over the time they are visiting your center.  We all know wonderful things happen in recovery; now you can prove it to the public and policymakers, and make it manifest to the recoveree.  And, custom-tailored surveys can be developed and included in your application.

Manage your Center’s Activity Data:  This application captures and organizes information about who comes to your center, why they come in and what they do while they are there.  Looking for a safe place, searching for a job, using the computer, making phone calls, attending a recovery meeting or training--the system can keep track of all of them.  With this data, different kinds of reports can be run in seconds.  And, custom-tailored report cards can be developed from the evaluations distributed at your trainings.

 Manage your Recovery Coaching program:  Get a handle on this fast-growing recovery support service.  The Recovery Coach module allows you to identify who is being coached and by whom.  Coaches can keep track of what was discussed in a session and how long the session lasted.  They can even take notes and store them if they want.  The Assessment of Recovery Capital (ARC) scale, the Wellness Self-Assessment and the Sense of Community survey can be administered and tracked as part of the recovery coaching program.

 Individual and Aggregate reporting:  See individual progress as well as aggregate information by survey domain, location and gender.  Aggregates show your impact on the community.  This is available for both the Assessment of Recovery Capital and the Sense of Community surveys.


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