Recovery Measures

Do you measure the effectiveness of the Recovery Support Services you deliver?

We can show you!

Often the only information we have about people who visit recovery community centers is found on the sign-in sheet at the door.  When we are asked to talk about who uses the recovery support services we provide or the effectiveness of the services, we are often reduced to anecdotes and generalities.  Applying for funding becomes difficult when all we really have is a “sense” of how things are going.


This password-protected encrypted software package allows you to track, measure, and assess the programs you offer, as well as the progress and status of the guests who visit your center.  Internet Surveys and reports based on this fundamental information can be tailored to your center’s needs.  Reports can be at the individual or aggregate level.

Managing information is vital to any recovery community organization.  This application will help you be able to talk about what your organization does with greater confidence and accuracy.
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